The offer of Level 4.0. Who can benefit from support within the activity of the Digital Innovation Hub?

We address our support to a broad range of beneficiaries. We want to encourage persons and companies at various levels of technological maturity who search for innovative solutions for boosting their competitiveness on the market, to take up the offer of Level 4.0. Thanks to our demonstrative, training-educational, consultative and implementation activities, they have a chance to meet the challenges posed by the rapid technological development, and acquire advantage on the market. Thus, we encourage managers and specialists from small, medium and large companies, start-up owners, research groups, clusters and chambers of commerce, academic organizations, scholars and students to take up our offer. It is worth underlining that our support is free of charge, and the means necessary to conduct it are provided by the Ministry of Economic Development. Contact us to sign up for selected events or pass the information on to any of your friends who might be interested.